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• Out Of The Ground

Unfortunately, Gemstone Rocks don't come out of the ground ready to be set in jewellery. Raw crystals from the earth are usually called 'rough Gemstone Rocks’' (or just 'rough') and this is actually very apt - rough gems can look pretty rough! 800-434-0257


• Full Potential

To make sure each Gemstone Rocks reaches its full potential, lapidaries and jewellers employ a variety of techniques. Some of these, like cutting and setting, are immediately visible, while others such as enhancements or treatments remain relatively unknown despite being used for thousands of years. Practiced in India for over 4,000 years, the earliest known Gemstone Rocks enhancement is heating a gem to improve its colour. Oiling to improve a gem's clarity is another ancient technique that has been used for over 2,000 years.


• Trace Their Origins

Not all Gemstone Rocks enhancements can trace their origins to antiquity, some such as the beryllium bulk diffusion of Sapphires and the physical vapour deposition (PVD) of Mystic Topaz, are the result of more recent innovations. In the gem industry, the term 'enhancements' sometimes exclusively refers to traditional techniques that are so common they are seldom mentioned, reserving 'treatments' for more modern methods. The problem is that this is not universal - both terms are often used to refer to the same processes.

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Gemstone Rocks

Rocks Delivery Guys feels regardless of what they are called, all Gemstone Rocks enhancements simply accentuate the beautiful end results of Gemstone Rockss natural formation. Defined as any process other than cutting that improves a gem's appearance (e.g. colour, clarity, phenomena etc.), durability, value or availability, with the vast majority of gems enhanced in some way, these processes have become an important part of the modern Gemstone Rocks industry. Given the prevalence of enhancements, one term that still has a universal meaning is 'natural'. A 'natural' Gemstone Rocks is one that has not been enhanced or treated in anyway.

Rocks Delivery Guys Gemstone Rocks Enhancement Disclosure

The World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO or Conf'd'ration Internationale de la Bijouterie, Joaillerie, Orf'vrerie, des Diamants, Perles et Pierres) is the organisation that records accepted trade practices and nomenclature for the global gem and jewellery industry. Under their guidelines, Rocks Delivery Guys and all jewellers should be aware of how the gems they sell are enhanced, disclosing this information to their customers. In a world where many enhancements are very difficult to detect (or even undetectable) using standard gemmological equipment, enhancement disclosure can be confusing for the consumer. Our threefold enhancement policy is designed to keep things simple, providing you all the information you need to make informed buying decisions:

Rocks Delivery Guys include a statement on every customer invoice advising you to always assume enhancements when purchasing our Gemstone Rocks jewellery, directing you to this page for more information on what enhancements may have been applied to the Gemstone Rockss you have purchased. This is not to say that every gem we sell is enhanced, we also sell 'natural' Gemstone Rockss, it's just easier if you work off this assumption.

Rocks Delivery Guys only knowingly accept enhancements that are permanent with normal wear. The only exception is Emeralds, whose beauty is enhanced and easily maintained by oils or polymers. We get our information on gem enhancements from universities, gem laboratories, trade associations, regulatory bodies, professional journals, books, the internet as well as individual experts.

Rocks Delivery Guys Gemstone Rocks enhancements can make Gemstone Rocks more beautiful, affordable and even more durable. Despite this, some gems require special care. While this section includes some simple gem grooming do's and don'ts, the big table below shows the potential enhancements applied to each gem variety, their frequency, as well as any special care instructions.

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